XOMNI: Experience Omni-Channel

Post API Set

Posting a social message for a product

HTTP POST /social/post

This API enables you to post a social interaction to XOMNI by using the token assigned for the current PII User.

Deleting a social post

HTTP DELETE /social/post/{ID}

This operation deletes a social post. The unique ID of a post is used to reference the actionable item.

Fetching policies for social post operation

HTTP GET /social/post/policies

Social policy API provide most restricted max content length, shortened URL length etc... information in order to help client applciation to prepare and validate social post before sending to XOMNI. API aggregates platform limititations and provide most restricted values to client applications.

Getting a social post and related comments

HTTP GET /social/post?relatedItemId={relatedItemId}

This operation returns full information about a social post including all the comments made to the post. The {relatedItemId} parameter requires the item unique ID to which the social post is send. The PIIToken header is used to identify the PIIUser and the API will return only the related post for that particular user and item/product.