XOMNI: Experience Omni-Channel

Last Updated: May 05, 2016

This API refreshes existing token given on request authorization header.


HTTP Method Resource URI
PUT https://{tenantName}.api.xomni.com/oauth/token

Request Headers

Header Field Name Description
Access or identity token taken from oauth APIs.
Sample: Bearer dc8f1dcdbe454da8a25621839a93569337522968019e4bd7becd6e01285444da



Response Body Description

Parameter Name Description Type
IdentityToken Token that contains PII and member info. You can use this token for PII spesific APIs. String
IdentityTokenExpirationDate Expiration date of the identity token. Date
AccessToken Access token that you can use in order to access XOMNI APIs. String
AccessTokenExpirationDate Expiration date of the access token. Date
Roles Roles of the token. Array

If you extend an access token, response does not contain IdentityToken and IdentityTokenExpirationDate fields. If you extend an identity token, response does not contain AccessToken, AccessTokenExpirationDate fields.

Response Headers

Header Field Name Description
Content type of the response entity. The value of this header is always application/json.