XOMNI: Experience Omni-Channel

Token API Set

Checking if XOMNI has a valid token

HTTP GET /social/token/{socialPlatformName}

This API provides the referenced social platforms token value for the current PII User.

Assigning a social token for a PII User

HTTP POST /social/token/{socialPlatformName}

This API asks for a social platform tokens and saves it to the PII User data store for the social platform which is given through the {socialPlatformName} parameter. Token naming conventions might be different for different platforms. For facebook, request body must contain "access_token" key and value. XOMNI API returns extended token key value pair with the same key name. For twitter, request body must contain "oauth_token" and "oauth_verifier" key/value pairs. XOMNI API returns access token and secret with "oauth_token", "oauth_token_secret" key naming.