XOMNI: Experience Omni-Channel

Item API Set

Fetching a Single Item

HTTP GET /catalog/item/{id}?includeItemStaticProperties={includeItemStaticProperties}&includeItemDynamicProperties={includeItemDynamicProperties}&imageAssetDetail={imageAssetDetail}&videoAssetDetail={videoAssetDetail}&documentAssetDetail={documentAssetDetail}&includeItemInStoreMetadata={includeItemInStoreMetadata}

This API allows a client application to fetch a single item by its unique ID. This item information is used by client applications to display item details.

Searching items

HTTP POST /catalog/items?includeItemInStoreMetadata={includeItemInStoreMetadata}

The API enables a client application to find the exact list of items required by allowing a rich and flexible search backend. The search request object has multiple fields and options available that can be used separately or combined.

Fetching navigation and search options for items

HTTP POST /catalog/itemsearchoptions

This API gives a list of potential search and navigation values within the given search criteria. The values, collection and ranges in the response of a query to the API can be used for further querying of the catalog and create a fluent navigation within the client application.